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Cabinet Repainting & Installation Services


Seminole Cabinet Repair & Restoration

If you’re looking to restore the quality of your cabinets, you’ve come to the right place. Get elite-quality Seminole cabinet repair & restoration at St. Petersburg Handyman!

Seminole Cabinet Repair & Restoration AdobeStock 296229978 300x200Cabinets are a massive part of everyone’s home. They are the main storage amenities almost always found in every room of the house, but especially in the kitchen and bathroom. And because they are typically located in areas that are prone to high humidity and human activity, it is inevitable that they become subject to wear and tear in due time.

No one wants old-looking cabinets, especially ones that are too broken to function properly. Some may have worn-out hinges that make them difficult to open and close. Some have cracking paint that makes the entire set look unpleasant. Some may have parts that have corroded due to termites or too much moisture. In such cases, you may opt to fix the problem in a DIY fashion. But if you want to guarantee the quality of your cabinet restoration in terms of durability and look, you might want to get professional cabinet repair services to handle the job.

St. Petersburg Handyman is a handyman service provider that you can trust for all your Seminole, FL cabinet repair & restoration needs. We have worked with hundreds of clients in the past, providing them with top-notch repair services not just for cabinets but also for the most important house structures, such as floors and walls.

Give us a call whenever you think your cabinets need a fresh coat of high-quality paint applied by professionals with precision. Contact us if your storage units need repairs and reinforcement so they can last for the years to come. Let us know what you need, and we’ll be right there for you!

Call St. Petersburg Handyman today at (727) 334-7870 for your Free Consultation with our Seminole Cabinet Repair & Restoration expert!

Full Range of Cabinet Restoration Services

The best thing about getting St. Petersburg Handyman’s professional services for construction and repair work is that no matter what kind of problem you have, you can be confident that the restoration job will be done by highly skilled and experienced workers.

Seminole Cabinet Repair & Restoration AdobeStock 441041426 300x200There are many ways to restore cabinets. Sometimes, the original idea of the client is not the ideal solution for the actual diagnosis of the problem. The job can range from simple cabinet handle replacement to a full restoration project of salvageable cabinet units. Whatever you need, just call St. Petersburg Handyman. We’ll check your cabinets and give you an honest and optimum solution to restore them back to full quality.

Cabinet Painting. Some cabinets are just old. Their paint has faded, perhaps chipped away at some parts. The bolts and nuts are still working perfectly well, and no visible damage is present. But they just look really worn out. Cabinet painting is all you need in such a situation. Aside from aiming to refresh the look of your cabinets, cabinet painting services can also give you the opportunity to redesign the color system of your entire kitchen, bathroom, or wherever your cabinets are located. Some contractors would immediately recommend restoring your cabinet. But there are just some situations where simple repainting is the better and more economical option, allowing you to save more funds.

Cabinet Refacing. Essentially, cabinet refacing means replacing the door of your cabinets with new ones to refresh their look. This option may also include replacing cabinet hinges, screws, bolts, and nuts that are involved. This is also a great option if you want to bring back the original luster of your cabinets without having to replace them with new units.

Cabinet Restoration. For old or damaged cabinets that still have their structural integrity intact and salvageable, you may want to get cabinet restoration services. If your storage units have more visible damage like scratches, dents, and cracks, yet the main body is still firm, we can make certain treatments that can make them look good as new. A full cabinet restoration project can, of course, include replacing the doors and repainting the entire surface, which also gives you the opportunity to redesign the visuals of your cabinets.

Whatever kind of service that your cabinets require, rest assured that you will receive nothing less than industry-standard workmanship from our professional construction experts at St. Petersburg Handyman.

Top-Notch Construction Services

At St. Petersburg Handyman, our construction workers and licensed and highly trained professionals. You can trust that you will get quality services whether you need small reparation projects or massive restoration jobs. We use the best equipment and products that the industry has to offer, ensuring the quality of our work and even more.

Seminole Cabinet Repair & Restoration AdobeStock 366369869 300x200If you prefer, our experts can do an on-site inspection of your storage units to have a more detailed and closer look at what we’re going to work with. This way, we can have a more accurate diagnosis of the problem and propose a better, more effective, and more economical solution that you yourself can be satisfied with.

In all our projects, we also put a high priority on the comfort of our clients. We know that home construction and improvement efforts take a significant amount of space and time inside the house. So we can make sure that during the entire project, all bases are covered when it comes to protection from construction debris, like sawdust and paint droplets. Rest assured that the cleaning process will be fast and smooth, ensuring a very convenient experience for you and your family. With St. Petersburg Handyman, you will have newly refurbished cabinets in no time!

Wide Range of Home Repair Services

One of the many things that we are proud of at St. Petersburg Handyman is the range of high-quality services that we can offer.

Seminole Cabinet Repair & Restoration AdobeStock 259830144 300x199Aside from cabinet fixture repair, we also provide repair and renovation services for other major parts of a house. The list of our specialties includes drywall, floors, lighting fixtures, gutters, roofs, and even plumbing systems.

Whatever part of your home that needs fixing, St. Petersburg Handyman can handle it perfectly well. Our construction experts treat small and big projects the same way. We employ the same level of quality, professionalism, workmanship, and excellence on all kinds of restoration projects, from minor cabinet face repainting to full-blown replacement of wooden floor planks.

Let’s Talk – Call For Your Free Consultation!

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Cabinets are where we put our cleaning products, food, tools, and other essential home items. Simply put, cabinets are the main storage units of a home for virtually any kind of object, which is why taking care of them is vital. Because cabinets are typically made of wood, which is prone to easy degradation, you would want to have them repaired and restored to their highest potential in terms of durability. You can do this easily by getting the services of a professional Seminole cabinet repair & restoration contractor.

St. Petersburg Handyman has been a proven, trusted handyman service provider. Everything you need, from the simplest repair requests to major restoration projects, we can do it for you at the best quality the construction industry can offer.

Call St. Petersburg Handyman today at (727) 334-7870 for your Free Consultation with our Seminole Cabinet Repair & Restoration expert!